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As a single, full-time working outside the home (WOTH) mom of four, I started The Barefoot Office Mom because I wasn’t finding a whole lot of practical information to help me grow my own business ideas. I didn’t have the luxury of being able to stay home with my kids after my divorce, nor did I have a husband’s second income to fall back on. But I still wanted to do more with my interests, talents and skills- all of which were going largely unused in my day job.

More to Life Than The Daily Grind

I knew I wasn’t the only WOTH mom out there who wanted more out of life than the 9-5 grind. So I set about creating a business minded community full of resources specifically for working moms with full time jobs.

I hope The BOM inspires and motivates you to go after your business dreams today!

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The Official Bio

The Barefoot Office Mom

The Barefoot Office Mom was created by Lorri Brown. A former high school social studies, Lorri has made a career out of learning new skills and giving others unsolicited advice. She is also really good at asking questions, rocking the boat and empowering women to be, do and have more in life.

On paper Lorri holds holds a master’s degree in communication and has over a decade of experience in digital media including freelance writing, website design, social media management and graphic design.

Lorri has worked on several notable digital media projects including as a Small Business Expert Writer for About.com (now The Balance), a Launch Team Writer for LiveStrong, and Program Director and Social Media Manager for Healthy Community Coalition of Greater Franklin County, where she helped create unique substance use prevention digital media campaigns for rural Maine.

When not working on The BOM, Lorri currently works as a Business Advisor for a local Women’s Business Center in the wilds of Western Maine.

Lorri collects fonts like other women collect shoes and loves well designed websites. Her hobbies include making printables on Canva and hanging out with her four (almost grown) kids at their Maine farmhouse.

If you’d like to work with Lorri or write for The BOM please email thebom @ barefootofficemom.com

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