Are you happy?

Or are you happy enough? Do you find joy in your daily life? Purpose in the work you do? Or are you going through the day on auto-pilot? Is your life an endless to-do lists of work duties, parenting duties, things-I-should-do-but-don't-really-want-to-do's, with a little fun thrown in on the weekends?

If the most fun you've had lately is a Netflix binge of Grace and Frankie and Chinese take-out, we should talk. 

I'm a firm believer that life should be first and foremost enjoyable. Everyone has a right to live a life of purpose and meaning, to find joy in the everyday and look forward to the future with expectation and excitement.  We are only here a short time and it shouldn't be spent just getting by, or hanging on til retirement to finally be happy. 

I spent many years doing just that - I worried and stressed about everything. I lived in a place of fear, with a poverty mindset and a grim acceptance that life was hard, success and happiness were for other people - not for me and that things could always get worse.  This type of negative thinking cost me a lot - everything from relationships to money to my health. I missed lots of opportunities because I was too busy wallowing in the whoa's me syndrome. 

I delayed my happiness til later - til I lost the baby weight, was out of debt, had a better job, better spouse, better house, etc...

Fast forward several years and several mind-shifts later and I am finally living the way I wanted to live. Is my life perfect? Not at all. But do I love it every. single. day? You bet. And I want that for you. I hear too many women complain about not enough time, see friends, coworkers, family members put themselves last on the list, talk to women who want more out of life, but have no idea what that looks like. 

Are you a busy working mom? Do you feel like life is slipping by and you're just hanging on for dear life? Do you want more joy? More happiness? More balance? 

I created The BOM as a way to share resources for busy working moms to create a life they love. Really love. To embrace life for the messy, glorious, bumpy thrill ride that it is. To let go of should-haves, would-haves, and focus on the present, offer up gratitude for what you have and look with excitement and expectation to the future.

Are you ready to create a life that you love? 

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