My Top 10 Favorite Ways to Practice Self Care



1.       Solitude. The best way for me to recharge is by spending time completely alone. 

2.       Reading. Somewhere in between the invention of Netflix Binges and my new obsession of YouTube (see n.7) I stopped reading. As a voracious reader for most of life, I realized that there is no substitute for a good book. I like to read a half hour before I go to bed, as a way to let my brain relax.

3.       Decluttering. I don’t really love cleaning house, but I do love a good decluttering session! There is something so wonderfully cathartic about packing up a box of goods I no longer need  or purging my wardrobe of clothes I no longer wear.

4.       Practice Self Discipline. Okay, so this one isn’t my favorite-favorite way to show myself a little love. But I know how important it is. Making myself do things that I don’t want to do in the moment, like finishing a boring grant report or turning off Netflix a half hour before bedtime, helps create healthy habits at work and at home.

5.       Eat more vegetables.  Do you eat enough vegetables every day?

6.       Yoga With Adriene. Yoga was my happy comprise for rigorous exercise and finding some kind of physical activity that I didn’t dread doing. 

7.       ASMR Videos. Laugh if you must. I am an ASMR follower. You can read about here. When I feel tired and overwrought (my two year old toddler stage) a little Gentle Whispering or Whisper’s Red soothes my nerves and helps me relax. Note: do not do this at work. You will get looks from your coworkers.

8.       Cooking. Like decluttering, cooking is a natural outlet for my stress – in certain situations. Rushing home after work or holiday cooking isn’t what I’m talking about. Leisurely cooking for pleasure is one my favorite things - maybe with a glass of good wine.

9.       Connect With Friends. My best friend lives over an hour way, so we only see each other a few times a year, usually for a long lunch. Those afternoons bolster my spirits better than any medicine. Closer to home I keep a small but mighty circle of girlfriends to whom I can confide, share excitement and keep perspective.

10.   Keep Learning. Did you know that continued learning is one of the biggest predictors of personal happiness? Giving myself time to learn a new skill, whether formal or informal,  makes me feel empowered and confident.

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