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Happy Monday!

I hope your week is off to a kickin’ start! This week’s free printable is a custom Daily Organizer and Planner. More than a to-do list, this daily work planner helps you map out your whole day, including top priorities, notes, and my favorite part - a fruit & veggie & water tracker [emoji] Are you getting enough of both of these??  


Stay on Track With a Daily Organizer

I like to use a daily organizer planner to keep myself on track during my work day. Office life is full of interruptions and I am easily distracted by emails, pop in visits, phone calls or the latest news from BuzzFeed.

I use this planner to map out my day, starting with listing my top 3 most important things that have to get done that day. These aren’t always the hardest or most time intensive tasks on my to-do list - some are as simple as calling to schedule a dentist appointment for my kids.

I do this because adding in a simple action and then crossing it off gives me an inordinate amount of satisfaction that I am getting sh!t done.

Along with a standard to-do list, the daily organizer also has an hour by hour planner, to help break down your day into manageable tasks. I like to set myself one thing to do each hour - even if it only takes a few minutes, such as going through email or returning phone calls.

This allows for those aforementioned office pop-ins and other interruptions, while at the same time preventing me from over-scheduling myself and feeling rushed and stressed in the afternoons.  V Important!

Click to download your free daily planner

Click to download your free daily planner


Your Daily Organizer for Health and Wellness

Another neat feature of this daily organizer is a place to track fruit and veggies and your water consumption.  Read any diet/nutrition advice and 99% of the time (a stat I just made up, but feel is on point) the recommended advice includes eating more fresh fruits and vegetables in order to lose weight/ lower blood pressure/ reduce diabetes risk/ etc….

Pretty much every preventable disease risk can be reduced by a healthy diet that includes ample fruits and veggies. [note: this is not actual medical advice, as I am not an actual medical professional]

And yet...I still struggle to get my recommended 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. So, this handy reminder on my daily planner helps me make healthier choices throughout the day.  And again, there is something sooo satisfying about checking a box when I eat my afternoon snack of baby carrots and hummus.

Side note: If veggies aren’t your thing, be sure to check out my post on How to Eat More Vegetables When You Don’t Really Like Vegetables


Did You Like the Free Daily Organizer?

This daily organizer is part of my free life design toolkits for busy moms. Along with time management, the toolkit offers resources for helping busy women, like you, create a life they love. It includes everything from how to map out your perfect day, to how to track your energy and stop the time wasting activities that don't serve you.


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