Free Autumn Inspired Daily Planner - 4 Colors!

As we approach back-to-school season the jump from lazy summer schedules to school and sports and work can be stressful for many working moms. After 17 years of back-to-school (my oldest is 22!) I have finally found a groove that works for me and my kids.  Instead of trying to do it all, I have scaled back my expectations of what I can realistically accomplish in the busy first weeks of September. 


This includes:

- Scheduling a few days or afternoons off from my day job the week school starts. I take advantage of the quiet house and catch up on my to-do lists and do light meal prepping. I also get to be there when my boys get home and can hear about how their first day went. 

- Setting aside time to fill out back-to-school paperwork. You know, that mountain of paperwork that comes home the first week. Rather than procrastinate, I set aside an hour to go through everything. My school district recently went to online forms, which makes this process so much faster! 

- Putting the school district calendar into my work and personal calendars. I use outlook at work and an old fashion non-fancy planner from Wal-Mart for the rest of my life. I always take a few minutes to add school vacation, workshop days and early release days into my both my calendars, for the entire school year. that way I can avoid the whole "What do you mean you don't have school today?" in the middle of March. 

To help me stay on track as we segue into autumn, I use old fashion pen and paper and make to-do lists (and not-to-do lists) as well as daily and weekly planners. You can see some of favorite tools over in the Free Printable Library.  

free printable planner


To celebrate back to school and my favorite season - Autumn! - I've given my most popular Free Printable a Autumn Inspired makeover. You can download Free Daily Planner Printable in all four Autumn hues  - gold, teal, primrose and sage. Or you can grab a printer-friendly gray-scale version and add your own color. :)  


Autumn Daily Planner Planner Pin.jpg

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