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Happy Monday! This week’s free printable is a Daily Habit Tracker, to help you stay on track for whatever big beautiful goals you’ve set for yourself.

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Have you ever started a new habit only to forget about it by day 3 or 4? I’ve done this so. many. times. I start out with the best of intentions only to give up out of boredom, frustrations or fear.

Part of my trouble is that often the goals I pick for myself - the habits I want to change - are not the rights ones for me.

For example, I’d see a photograph of Kate Winslet or Reese Witherspoon look fabulous at 40 in a bikini, and I think “Hey - I’m 40! I should look like, that right? I need to start exercising more, every day!”  

And I’d set up an elaborate work out plan and be motivated to stick with for approximately 72 hours before I crash and burn.

This type of fear based motivation (comparing yourself to everyone else) can only carry you so far. When you set a goal and work to change or establish a new habit in order to reach that goal, you know exactly WHY that goal is important to you.  

Your WHY is the motivation that will keep you going, even when you don’t feel like it.

For me, deep down, I’m pretty comfortable with my body. I exercise to feel good, not to shimmy into a bikini.  And if I am being totally honest with myself, I don’t really care if I look like Kate or Reese. What’s important to me (my WHY) is taking care of myself both physically and emotionally - which exercise helps me do.

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