Do You Experience Mom Guilt?

This week I wanted to talk about something near and dear to my heart - Mom Guilt.

For those of you not familiar with Mom Guilt, it usually happens any time a mom is enjoying doing something just for herself.

Like spending Saturday morning getting a much needed haircut and color rather than volunteering for the PTA bake sale.  #truestory 

Sometimes Mom Guilt comes in small bite-sized chunks. Like when you want to go to the bathroom alone, without your two year old tagging along. Or eating the last Oreo in the package rather than sharing it with the kids or husband. 

Other times Mom Guilt comes in big heaping platefuls. 

Like taking a day off from work mid-week and enjoying the solitude of a quiet house. Or deciding to go back to graduate school even though you have four kids to put through college.      

No matter what it looks like, Mom Guilt is all around us. And, in case you don't experience it enough in your own head, society has got you covered.

It likes to make women feel guilty for, well, pretty much everything. 

You work outside the home? MOM GUILT. Oh, you don't work? MOM GUILT. You didn't breastfeed?! DOUBLE MOM GUILT.   

And Mom Guilt is easy to spread via picture perfect Instagram feeds and Facebook posts. Not Feeling 'so very blessed' today? MOM GUILT.  

Have you experienced Mom Guilt?

It's annoying and frustrating.and serves as just one more way to keep women from living their best life.

How many Dads go around trying to balance a job, volunteering, organizing the kids and families schedules, meal planning, sleepovers, etc.... I mean, I'm sure there are some out there that do their fare share and more, but from my vantage point of 23 years of parenting, the lions share of the good, the bad and the guilty falls to Mom.  

Which is kind of why I started The BOM in the first place.  I got  freaking TIRED of all the AWESOME women in my life complaining that they didn't have time to do anything they wanted. Their whole life was just one awful to-do list. 

Which brings me to this week's Free Printable - Your Not To Do List. 

Your Not To Do List

Your Not To-Do List is simple to use. You simply list everything that’s going on in your life - things you need to do, stuff your thinking/ worrying about in one column, like a vertical brain dump.

  • Things other people can do - this includes your kids, spouse, ex-spouse, coworkers, or hired help.

  • Stuff out of my control - all the things you worry about that you have no say over (a flight being late, a layoff at work, your kids report card, will Piper ever get out of jail?)

  • Stuff that drains my energy - what or who is sucking your soul dry? Get ‘em off your list and read more about how to deal with energy draining activities here.

  • Stuff that doesn’t really have to get done - You know, that one thing that you really, really, really plan to do, but deep down you know you are never going to get around to it. Just take it off the list already.

Anything left in the main column is really the only stuff you should focus on. I find this exercise extremely helpful when I am feeling overwhelmed by life. Because, I don’t know about you, but when I start to worry, it can quickly snowball into THE SKY IS FALLING and THE WORLD IS ENDING.

Your Not To Do List

Taking some time to think about what I really need to do, versus what I can let go, of helps me regain perspective and take action, rather than sit around worrying all day.

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Have a lovely week!